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Welcome to Futai Machinery Co., Ltd

FUTAI MACHINERY CO., LIMITED, established at the heart of a region with a strong textile industry, is a professional provider for textile machine spare parts, textile plant auxiliary equipments, textile testing instruments and technical services, as well consultant for synthetic fiber spinning plants and texturing machine mills.
With extensive knowledge and intensive understanding of textile industry from textile raw material to textile machines, currently we manufacture and supply spare parts for the following textile machines.

   Synthetic Fiber Spinning Line Spare Parts
   Texturing Machine Spare Parts: Barmag, Murata, ICBT (ARCT, Rieter ICBT, RITM)
   Rieter Scragg, RPR, Giudici, Jinwei and Hongyuan
   Cabling and Twisting Machine Spare Parts
Meanwhile, we develop some auxiliary equipment as below.

   Cleaners for Spin Pack, Spinneret and other related components
   Balancing machine
   Chips Dryer
   Tension Meter
   Wrap Reel Tester
   Yarn tensile tester
   Yarn Crimp Contraction Tester

Spare parts for filament spinning & texturizing machines

Most sold products

Our products have already been sold and proved by many plants from different countries. With its quality products and good services, FUTAI is rapidly becoming well-know around the world and build a trust relationship with its clients.
All FUTAI employees have comprehensive and professional knowledge in the field of synthetic fiber. We are committed to providing reliable, high quality products at a fair price and on-time services and dedicated to help you meet and exceed your goals!
Barmag spare parts
Barmag, the world market leader, provides full range of advanced equipments to cover your requirements, as well engineering services and reliable original Barmag spare parts, in the field of POY / FDY filament spinning systems, texturing machines, BCF systems, and staple fiber spinning systems for manmade fibers, such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. Futai follows closely with its development and productions of these systems and machines, and is committed to make and supply quality Barmag spare parts. Our products range all types of spare parts for Barmag different generations and models machines.
Spinneret for POY FDY spinning
We equipped with extensive knowledge and know-how in the field of synthetic fiber process, design and tailor-make different types of spinneret for POY FDY spinning, nonwoven system, and dry/wet spinning. Under the environment of fierce competition in this traditional industry and in order to meet the never-ending requirements for better quality and diversified styles, especially in the spinning system of filament POY and FDY, we work closely with our clients to make profile spinnerets to satisfy their clients, as well better margin.
Stainless metal sand
In the manufacturer of high quality synthetic fibers, stainless metal sand is useful for the filtration of liquid polymer. Futai produces stainless metal sand with extremely irregular surface which tends to enhance its filtration efficiency, also Futai stainless metal sand still have the unchanged apparent density and enhance resistance to compressibility for optimum filtration efficiency with little or no particle deformation and collapse under operation pressures.