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Vacuum Cleaning Furnace

Vacuum Cleaning Furnace is designed for cleaning spin pack body, spinneret, and candle filter, spinning meter pump, other spinning components, especially suitable for profiled, fine denier spinnerets in synthetic fiber production industry, such as PET, PA, PP as well mould in plastic extrusion field.


The principle of vacuum cleaning furnace is based on the property that highmolecule of synthetic fiber, isolated from air, is to be molten when the
temperature reaches up to 300˚C, then melt polymers flow into waste collecting tank; when the temperature increases to 350˚C, up to 500˚C, polymer starts to degrade and exhaust out of furnace

Example of Cleaning Process Setting

Cleaning process and its program setting depends on the character of spinnerets, candle filters and work pieces to be cleaned, property of polymers as well.

Hereafter it is the example of cleaning work pieces used on polyester staple fiber spinning systems.

1. OA phase: in 0-50 minutes heating work pieces up temperature 350˚C.

2. AB phase: keeping temperature at 350˚C of inner furnace for about 50-150 minutes, during this period more than 80% molecular polymer on the work-piece are molten and flow into waste collecting tank. This phase can be increased or decreased according to the quantity of molecular polymer to be cleaned.

3. After AB phase, switching on solenoid valve and vacuum pump.

4. During BC/CD/DE/EF phase, at the temperature of about 490-500˚C in about 150-480minutes, under the conditions of vacuum, high temperature and low oxygen, the residuals of molecular polymers are fully oxidative degraded. The work pieces to be thoroughly cleaned or not takes place during this key period. During this period, the chemical reaction occurs as follows: CmHn+O2=CO2 ↑ + H2O ↑ . At the same time, by rinsing and pump, Carbon, vapor and substances are discharged out of furnace

5. After EF phase, it is cooling period, the power for heating elements and water supply are stopped, only instruments are power on.

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