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YG086 Wrap Reel Tester

The Wrap Reel Tester is used to reel the yarn from the bobbins to test the yarn linear density or count, which is common lab equipment for textile plants. It is suitable for all types of textile yarns, such as natural yarn, synthetic fiber.

The Wrap Reel Tester conforms to National Standard GB4743 "Measuring Method of Yarn Linear Density (or count)".

Technical Specification

1. Number: max.12
2. Gauge between bobbin holder Perimeter of reel:
a. Model YG086 serial
b. Model TG086 serial:

3. Speed: Infinitely variable speeds within the range of 30~300rpm.
4. Range of turns: 2~9999 turns
5. Traverse reciprocating width of reeling: 21mm

6. Range of single reeling tension:0~100cN
7. Power supply: Voltage: 220V; Frequency: 50Hz
8. Overall dimension: (L × W ×H)
a. Model YG086 Serial:
b. Model YG086E:

9. Net weight: 55kg


The reel consists of six pieces of blades. The yarn winding around the reels is in the shape hexagon. One blade of these is moveable in order to take off the yarns from the reel.

Reeling Tension

The reeling tension can be adjusted through tension regulator, which consists of two pieces of parallel tension bars.

Transmission Mechanism

The rotation the reel and the traverse reciprocating travel of the reeling is driven separately by two individual motors.

(1) Rotation of reel
The reel is driven by an individual DC motor through a pair of pulley and speed change box. The reel starts steadily and changes into slower speed by itself at last one preset turn, then stop automatically at the preset turn.

(2) Traverse reciprocating travel of reel:
The individual synchronous motor drives directly a cam to make a constant-rate traverse reciprocating travel constantly.

Control Mechanism of Turns

The turns are pre-selected by the hand key on the counter. The turns rotated by reel is changed into a signal by contactless switch and displayed by digit counter.