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DTM200 Model Tension Meter

DTM200 model, a kind of textile testing instruments, is commonly used in textile plant, especially suitable for measuring yarns on line in order to help the process technicians set process parameter as a useful portable tool. Some common applications are listed as the following table
Synthetic fiber plant
for texturing machine
Cotton mill
for winding machine
Knitting workshop
Used for precise adjustment of yarn feeders on circular knitting machine
Optical fiber industry
winding machine
Metal wire industry
for wire drawing or winding machine

Technical Specification


Use screwdriver to dismantle battery cover as above drawing, put in 2 AA batteries (attention: positive/ negative), then tight the screw.
Press POWER key and hold it, when tension meter LCD display shows [.200.], it turns on.

Press POWER key and hold it till tension meter LCD display shows [- - - -], it turns off.

Turn on tension meter, press ZERO key, show 0 on LCD display, press down the handle located in the middle in order that yarn runs on the grooves of
ceramic guides which are on both sides and under measuring pin, release the handle to start measure yarn tension

During measuring yarn tension, press HOLD key into hold mode to keep data displayed on

Press HOLD key again back to measuring Mode

Press ZERO key to set 0 values in different positions

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