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Ceramic guide for textile machine

Futai Textile Ceramic Division is an important and successful section of Futai’s business, and its management and employees are committed to continuous improvement on the quality and customer service.

In any textile process it is usually desirable to minimize yarn tensions and in order to achieve this, the friction force, which is comprised primarily of two components: abrasive force and adhesive force, between the moving yarn and the ceramic contact surface must be controlled. Therefore for a particular yarn the ceramic surface should be finished accordingly to reduce these two components.

Futai offers an extensive range of ceramic guides for textile machines, such as ceramic eyelet, ceramic rod, ceramic tube, ceramic roller with/without bearing, ceramic pigtail, ceramic hook, air nozzle, oil nozzle, traverse guide, ceramic disc and so on, with a corresponding range of properties ideally suited to solving different textile problems.

Herein some of ceramic guide for textile machine are shown, especially for draw texturing machine and synthetic fiber filament spinning lines. Also you can download our catalogues for different types of ceramic guides. If you cannot find what you need from the items listed at the bottom of left side or want further information of the requested ceramic guides or you want to tailor-make ceramic guides according to your own special requirements, please send us your inquiry via our Contact us page. Futai can supply any type of textile ceramic guide, especially texturing ceramic guide.