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Chips dryer for textile

One of the most important and critical factors in the processing of PET/PA is that the chips must be nearly free from moisture to avoid processing problems and defects in the finished products. Futai has developed its own quality chips dryers and its relevant products, such as Chips Conveying System for Dry or Wet Chips, Air Purifying Dehumidifying System, Solid State Poly-condensation and others.

Features of chips dryer

crystalline and amorphous chips can be dried, due to incorporated crystallizer
low energy consumption, also at reduced capacity
high flexibility 40-110% without mechanical modification
residual moisture of chips as low as 15ppm
extremely sharp hold up spectrum ensures the same treatment for all chips
drying by hot dry air, no nitrogen required
heat recovery is not required, due to special design
no maintenance and no cleaning required for the dryer
no cooling water required, due to special design
continuous operation, throughput is controlled by extruder
large number of sizes allows optimum selection of dryer
closed air circuit

FBM Chips Dryer

Process description

Chips dryer is a hopper or solid-bed dryer with integrated crystallizer. The upper part is equipped with a chips lifter. The chips lifter keeps the chips moving, not allowing them to stick together during heat up. The chips are flowing through the dryer forced by gravity. The filling of the dryer can be done by several methods according to customer request and available space. The drying is effected by hot dry air which passes through the dryer in opposite direction to the chips. The dried air has a dew point below -40°C which is generated by an Adsorption Air Drying Unit. The air is circulated in a closed circuit by Roots blowers. There is no intake of fresh outside air, therefore only moisture has to be removed from chips which improve the economy.

The air leaves the dryer at the top, passes a cleaning system to separate the dust, and is returned to the blowers and air drying unit. The air required for the heating and drying of chips can be recycled completely or partially. The humidity of dry air is measured continuously.

Cooling of air is not required resulting in reduced energy consumption. Cooling water is not required.

Types of chips dryer

KF Drying System,
FRS Drying System,
FBM Drying System


Drying of polyester chips or polyamide chips down to 15ppm moisture for:
textile filaments
micro filaments
staple fiber
technical yarns
Non woven spinning

KF Chips Dryer

KF Type Dryer
FRS Type Dryer
FBM Type Dryer
PA Chips Dryer