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Yarn Rewinding Machine

Rewinder machine is used to rewind small DTY bobbins to large one, maximum capacity 8kg in all the DTY workshops in order to increase the percentage of A grade bobbins and also improve the efficiency of downstream process.

1. General Description

The rewinder machine, equipped with 2 inverters for cam shaft and take up roller respectively, adopts complete set of original Barmag texturing machine
FK6 serial takeup systems and cam boxes, such as bobbin frame, cam shaft, traverse guide and so on to guarantee good package build and excellent unwinding property with synchronized anti-pattern and edge breaking system under the control of inverters.

2. Technical Features

- Number of positions: 8, 12, 16, 24, 48 or as requested by clients;
- One deck;
- Dimension of 12spindles: 4700 x 580 x1300mm;
- Dimension of 8spindles: 3270×580×1300mm (standard spindles);
- One side or 2 sides;
- Number of inverters: 2pcs, one for take up roller, one      for cam;
- Equipped with tension device to adjust yarn tension;
- Aluminum fork arm: original complete set of Barmag bobbin frame;
- Cam box: original complete set of Barmag cam box;
- Take up roller: original complete set of Barmag take up roller;
- Motor of take up roller for 8 positions: 750W;
- Motor of cam for 8 positions: 550W;
- Traverse motor for 8 positions in order to produce good shape bobbin:        0.12KW;
- Cam shaft driven by AC motor, monitored by frequency inverter, power        0.7KW;
- Take up roller driven by AC motor, monitored by frequency inverter, power        0.7KW;
- Package type: parallel shape or bi-conical shape (specified when placing        order);
- Tube length: 290mm;
- Tube inner diameter: 69mm and 57.8mm;
- Yarn traverse length: 250mm;
- Max. package diameter: 300mm;
- Package weight: up to 8kg.

3. Options:

Oiling system, intermingling device, length measuring system, two plied yarn device (equipped with creels, yarn sensors/cutters, length measuring system).