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YG020B Single Yarn Tensile Tester

Model YG020B Electronic Single Yarn Strength Tester is one which is controlled by the microcomputer, driven by the stepping motor and working according to the principle of the constant rate of extension (CRE). It can be used to measure the tensile strength, the break elongation as well as the length under constant force, the force under constant length of yarns of cotton, wool, silk, ramie and chemical fiber etc., and the measured data can be printed out by the printer after mathematical statistics, or be connected with PC to make communication (additional order).

The principle and features of the tester are in accordance with the international standard ISO2062-1993 Methods to Measure Break Load and Break Elongation of Single Yarn and the national standard GB/T3916 Measurement of Break Strength and Break Elongation Rate of Singe Yarn Package Yarn Textile.

Technical Specifications

Type    constant rate of extension (CRE)
Measuring Range of Load    0~5000 cN
Display Accuracy of Load    ±1%
Measuring Range of Extension    0~250 mm (gripping distance 500 mm)
Tensing velocity    20~1000 mm/min (stepless adjustable)
Accuracy of Tensing velocity    ±1%
Gripping Distance    50~500 mm arbitrarily adjustable, but 100, 250 and 500 mm are recommended
Pre-Exerted Tension    tension exerted manually
Times of Test:    number of bobbin × number of time ≤ 300 times
Output Style of Data    display tensile, break elongation; print break strength, break elongation rate, break strength, break time and    statistical results
Power Supply & Consumption    220V±10% 50 Hz, 0.3 Kw
Ambient Requirement:    temperature 20±5˚C & relative humidity<80%
Outline Sizes (L×W×H):    600×350×1100 mm
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