Filter elements- spin pack filters and gaskets

In the process of producing synthetic fibers, especially filament POY FDY spinning, before polymer access to spinnerets, all the foreign substance has to be filtered. Meanwhile the polymer should be not leaked out of spin pack containers. Futai can offer you a complete set of element used inside spin pack body, suchas spin pack filters, wire mesh, gaskets etched photo film and more.

spin pack filters for POY FDY spinning
especially for POY FDY spinning[1]

A variety of gaskets in different material and shapes are available for anytype of applications, such as spin pack, spinning pump, extruder and more as seals and for any type of fiber process.

Alloys available: aluminum, copper, antirust aluminum, alloy aluminum, stainless steel, Teflon, PTFE and more.

Spin pack filters
especially for POY FDY spinning[2]

. any layers with different mesh
. any shapes with different frame alloys available
. spot weld pack available
. different filter media

Filter elements- candle filters, disc filters and others

spin pack filter
A large range of filter elements can be available. Our filter elements are designed to anti chemical and for multi-uses after easily handling for clean with same filter precision as new ones
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